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| Solutions for vacuum coating consumables in the optoelectronic industry

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There are three forms of vacuum coating: evaporation coating, sputtering coating, and ion plating. It is currently the mainstream technology to achieve film growth by means of physical vapor deposition (PVD). UMM produces and supplies various forms of high-quality and high-purity metal evaporation materials and sputtering targets to ensure that users get the best coating quality.
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Evaporation coating is to heat and evaporate a substance in a vacuum to produce metal vapor deposition (condensation) on the solid surface to become a thin film   Sputtering coating is to bombard the surface of the deposited target with high-energy particles, so that the particles on the target surface get energy and escape the surface, and then deposit on the substrate to obtain a thin film.   Ion plating means that after the molecules of the evaporated substance are ionized by electron impact, they are deposited on the surface of the substrate in the form of ions to form a thin film.
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Product portfolio

Ruthenium target
Ruthenium target
Ruthenium target is mainly used in the field of vacuum coating
Purity: 99.95%
Uses: vacuum coating, experimental or research grade ruthenium targets, electronics, optoelectronics, military, decorative coating, functional films, etc.
Tantalum target
Tantalum target
Tantalum sheets and tantalum plates can be used to manufacture various inorganic acid preparation equipment, corrosion-resistant fasteners, supporting accessories, heat shields, heaters and heat sinks in high-temperature vacuum furnaces, water tanks, bridges and other steel Structure of the cathodic protection system.
Osmium target
Osmium target
Chemical purity: 99.95%
Size: Diameter 20~300mm, thickness 1~60mm, customized according to requirements
Application: Osmium target is mainly used in the field of vacuum coating
Rhenium iridium particles
Rhenium iridium particles
Size: 1-10 mm
Composition: Re50% : Ir50%
Iridium target
Iridium target
Purity: 3N5
Size: 1-10 inches, unconventional size can be customized
Application The high temperature oxidation resistance and thermoelectric properties of iridium make the iridium/iridium rhodium thermocouple the only precious metal temperature measurement material that can measure high temperatures up to 2100℃ in the atmosphere.
Rhenium target
Rhenium target
Specifications: Purity Re≥99.99%~99.999%, shape, size and density accept various customized products.
Rhenium target material is used for magnetron sputtering coating. Magnetron sputtering coating is a new type of physical vapor (PVD) coating method. Compared with evaporation coating method, it has obvious advantages in many aspects. A more mature technology, magnetron sputtering has been used in many fields, such as semiconductor integrated circuits, solar photovoltaics, recording media, flat-panel displays, and workpiece surface coatings.
Rhodium particles/ingot
Rhodium particles/ingot
Dimensions:Diameter1 ~ 30mm, Thickness 1 ~ 30mm or customize
Properties: silver-white metal, extremely hard, wear-resistant, and quite ductile
Iridium ingots, iridium particles
Iridium ingots, iridium particles
Size: diameter D (1-20) * height H (10-15) mm; if the buyer has special requirements for size and unit weight, the two parties agree to order
Application: mainly used for evaporating coating materials  
Tungsten particles
Tungsten particles
Application: Flux for high frequency combustion in high frequency infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer. It has good fluxing effect and very stable analysis results.
Chemical composition: W≥99.95%
Magazine content: C≤0.0008%; S≤0.0005%
Product specifications: The product size is 20-40 mesh, and it can also be customized according to customer needs.
Gold ingot
Gold ingot
Chemical purity:99.99%
Size: Diameter 1~30mm, thickness 1~30mm according to requirements
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