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1、Exclusive production and supply of tungsten and rhenium needle accessories for medical LEEP knife instead of imported.

2、Rotating anode target for CT machine tube. The supply and maintenance of high-power medical CT equipment in my country has long been monopolized by GE, Philips, and Siemens. Not only does the equipment purchase cost a lot, but the key consumable CT tube is expensive, so the localization of CT machine and tube The strategy is of great significance. The tungsten rhenium alloy manufactured by our company is the key material for the anode target, which is the key part of the tube component. Outai Rare Materials has rich experience in manufacturing refractory alloy powder metallurgy products, and can produce high-quality rotating anode targets for CT tube according to customer's technical requirements.

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Rich experience
Rich experience in manufacturing refractory alloy powder metallurgy products
  Customized on demand
According to customer's technical requirements, high-quality rotating anode targets for CT tube can be made


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Product portfolio

Tungsten rhenium target
Tungsten rhenium target
Tungsten rhenium ratio: WRe3%, WRe5%, WRe10%, WRe25%, WRe26%
Size range: thickness (0.2-20) × width (≯500) × length (≯1000)
Our company uses solid-liquid mixing to improve the uniformity of rhenium, and at the same time, through multiple forging and annealing to increase the density and improve the structure, improve the performance and life of the anode target.
Molybdenum target
Molybdenum target
Purity specifications: 99.95%; 99.98%
Density: ≥10.10g/cm3
Organization: average grain size is less than 150 microns, typical target and surface structure
Rhodium target
Rhodium target
Purity:99.95%,round ,square
Modern advanced molybdenum and rhodium dual-target X-ray machine photography has become the first choice for breast examination. It has the characteristics of high definition and high contrast, and can fully show signs of microcalcification. It is currently the first choice for breast cancer screening.
Size:diameter Φ50~170mm thickness 3~15mm
Capillary molybdenum rhenium tube
Capillary molybdenum rhenium tube
Uses: Molybdenum rhenium alloy has more stable mechanical properties, lower magnetic sensitivity and better biocompatibility. Capillary molybdenum rhenium tubes can be used for cardiovascular stents.
Technical parameters: The material meets the requirements of ASTM F3273-17. Currently, the specifications range that can be manufactured are as follows, which can be customized according to user requirements.
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