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| High-efficiency and long-life wire cutting solutions

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UMM provides high-efficiency and long-life molybdenum wire for wire-cutting industry. This molybdenum wire product adopts a special composition formula and is drawn by a special process. It is more electrochemically resistant than ordinary wire-cut molybdenum wire. The advantages of ablation and longer service life.
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Special ingredients and process customization
Molybdenum wire products are made of special ingredient formula and drawn by special process
  High efficiency and long life
Compared with ordinary wire-cut molybdenum wire, it is more resistant to electrochemical ablation and has a longer service life.
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Molybdenum wire
Molybdenum wire
Molybdenum wire has a high melting point, good winding performance and mechanical processing performance, and good wear resistance. It is often used in the manufacture of winding core wires, brackets, lead wires and heating wires for various electric light sources. Molybdenum wire can also be used for high-temperature spraying to improve the wear resistance of automobile and other mechanical wear parts. Our company adopts special processing technology to produce molybdenum wire special for wire cutting with high strength, good discharge performance, high surface finish, fast cutting speed, long life and low wire tightening frequency. It is mainly used for various non-ferrous metals, steel and magnetism. Material of wire cutting wire.
High purity molybdenum rod/molybdenum bar /molybdenum wire
High purity molybdenum rod/molybdenum bar /molybdenum wire
Metal molybdenum has many excellent properties: high melting point, high creep resistance and low thermal expansion. In the absence of oxygen, molybdenum has quite good corrosion resistance to various acids, metal liquids and molten glass. Within 1100°C, molybdenum is relatively stable in hydrogen, ammonia and nitrogen. After rolling, forging and drawing, the actual density of molybdenum rods can reach or approach the theoretical density, the strength, plasticity, and toughness are further improved, and the forming performance is improved. Therefore, it is widely used as high-temperature furnace components, glass furnace electrodes, electronic tube components, etc. .
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