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Rhenium ring
Purity: 99.99% Interface width: about 4mm Thickness: about 1.5mm Density >19g/cm3
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Purity: 99.99%
Interface width: about 4mm
Thickness: about 1.5mm
Density >19g/cm3

Traditionally, wedding rings have been made of gold, most commonly 14 karat (58.5 percent pure gold), but also 18 karat (75 percent pure gold).  Gold is too soft to make a durable ring out of 24-karat purity (at least 99.9 percent).  There are many alternatives to gold, including the traditional precious metals silver and platinum, although alternatives to precious and non-precious metals including palladium, iridium, tungsten, cobalt and stainless steel have become popular in recent years.  Rhenium is an incredibly hard, durable and corrosion-resistant metal, thus can produce a purity of 24k and will remain beautiful forever.  

Rhenium is the fourth most dense metal (21.02 g/cm3, osmium 22.59 g/cm3, iridium 22.56 g/cm3, platinum 21.45 g/cm3, gold 19.30 g/cm3, silver 10.49 g/cm3).  Rhenium has the highest boiling point of all elements at 10,170 ° F and the second highest melting point of all elements at 5,767 ° F, and it also has a very high Mohs hardness of 7.0.  These compare favorably with gold (which melts at 1,948 degrees Fahrenheit versus 2.5 degrees for Moh), platinum (3,215 and 3.5 degrees Fahrenheit), and iridium (4,435 and 6.5 degrees Fahrenheit).  Rhenium is used to help ensure that critical propulsion systems in jets and spacecraft can withstand extremely high temperatures and mechanical stresses.  So our rhenium rings are about the same as the most durable rings you'll find on this planet or anywhere else.  In traditional rings, precious metals are mixed (or diluted) with other non-precious metals to make them more durable, while they are cheaper to manufacture for jewellers because less precious metal is used.  

Rhenium, discovered in Germany in 1925, was the last stable element to be discovered and is named after the Rhine river.  It is one of the rarest elements in the earth's crust, with concentrations estimated at parts per billion.  In recent years, only about 50 tonnes of rhenium has been extracted worldwide, compared with about 3,000 tonnes a year for gold.  So if you're interested in a beautiful, rare and elusive elemental metal;  It is one of the hardest and most durable metals in the universe, it will fully reflect some cherished characteristics of your soul mate, and is certainly capable of representing an eternal form of pure love, then this could be the perfect ring for you!  

Our rhenium rings are on a personal, custom basis and will take about 1months to complete.  The rings have a standard bandwidth of 4 mm and a thickness of about 1.5 mm.  At the same time we will provide custom marking service, if you are interested, please contact us for pricing.  

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