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Beryllium beads
Be≥98%, size: 2-10mm, steel gray metal
Beryllium is an indispensable precious material in atomic energy, rockets, missiles, aviation, astronautics and metallurgical industries
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Beryllium has many characteristics: it can be used in nuclear weapons devices, reflector materials of various nuclear reactors, decelerating materials and neutron source materials. The Material Test Reactor (JMTR) and Research Reactor (JRR-3) of the Japan Institute of Atomic Energy use beryllium as the reflector material. In addition, because of its low density (same as heavy water), beryllium can also be used as a moderator for nuclear reactors, and it does not evaporate at a temperature of 100 ℃ like heavy water.


The application of beryllium in this field can also be extended to the plasma confinement ring of thermonuclear fusion reactors.


Beryllium is also widely used in the aerospace industry. Beryllium materials are used in parts of American aircraft control devices and disc brakes of military aircraft.


Applications in aircraft, spacecraft, and rocket navigation devices, such as the skin of the Agena spacecraft front cabin, the quilting label for the ATS6 high-tech satellite magnetometer, the support structure of the folding solar panel for RCA and Satcom communication satellites, and the space shuttle using beryllium materials. Windshield pads, positioners, umbilical doors, etc. In addition, beryllium has applications in aerospace instruments, inertial navigators, satellite structural components, and re-entry spacecraft. Beryllium has application examples in space loading systems, satellite antenna boards and aircraft brakes, and light precision reflection systems.


At present, beryllium has been used in the window materials of medical equipment, industrial testing equipment tomography scanning devices, and CT; beryllium has been used in other window materials with pressure detection chamber instruments. Beryllium also has certain applications in household appliances. It is reported that the vibrating plate of some acoustic amplifiers is made of beryllium material, and beryllium can also be used as a part of the sample table of an electron microscope. Beryllium can be used as an alloy additive, and new beryllium-containing alloys that have been developed have unique properties.


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Beryllium beads Be≥98%, size: 2-10mm, steel gray metal Beryllium is an indispensable precious material in atomic energy, rockets, missiles, aviation, astronautics and metallurgical industries
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