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High purity nickel powder
Purity 3N5
The main specifications are -50 mesh, -150 mesh, -300 mesh, -400 mesh, -500 mesh and can be sieved according to customer requirements.
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Purity 3N5, the main specifications are -50 mesh, -150 mesh, -300 mesh, -400 mesh, -500 mesh, and can be sieved according to customer requirements for inter-partition powder, light gray irregular powder.



Mainly used in the atomic energy industry, conductive materials, battery electrode materials, chemical catalysts, hard surface spray welding, special electrodes, porous filter materials, magnetic materials, contact materials, diamond tools, automobile manufacturing, hard alloys, high temperature and high temperature Powder metallurgy fields such as strength alloys.


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High purity tungsten powder
Specification: -200 mesh<br> Purity: 4N-6N<br> Uses: Used to prepare high-purity tungsten targets and high-purity tungsten alloy targets, to prepare cemented carbide tools, powder metallurgy, diamond tools, high-density alloys, contacts, refractory alloys. Tungsten alloys, such as tungsten molybdenum alloy, tungsten rhenium alloy, tungsten copper alloy and high density tungsten alloy, etc.
High purity tantalum powder
The product has high purity, uniform particle size, complete surface structure, easy dispersion, large specific surface area and high surface activity. <br> Due to its malleability, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, it is widely used in the fields of chemical industry, electronics, military, machinery and aerospace to manufacture electronic components, heat-resistant materials, corrosion-resistant equipment, catalysts, molds, advanced optical glass And so on; medically also used as a human body check-in, surgical material and contrast agent.
High purity molybdenum powder
Purity: 3N8<br> Granularity: -200 mesh<br> Application: high-performance precision alloy casting; high-precision electronics industry, such as thin film transistor liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCD); wiring materials for large-scale integrated circuits in the semiconductor industry; new thin-film solar cells in the solar industry
High purity cobalt powder
Purity, 4N, main specifications are -50 mesh, -150 mesh, -300 mesh, and can be sieved according to customer requirements. <br> Reduced cobalt powder is gray irregular metal powder, cobalt oxalate reduction method cobalt powder; atomization method produces spherical cobalt powder is silver gray spherical powder with metallic luster<br>
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