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Titanium electrode
Titanium electrode
Ruthenium coated titanium anode
Iridium Coated Titanium Anode
Platinum series titanium anode
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Product description
Ruthenium coated titanium anode

Titanium anode for electrophoresis

Titanium anode for ammonia nitrogen wastewater

Titanium anode for seawater desalination

Titanium anode for swimming pool disinfection

Water heater titanium anode

Titanium anode for electroplating industry

Titanium anode for water treatment

Titanium anode for water electrolysis machine

Iridium Coated Titanium Anode

Titanium anode for recovering copper from etching solution

Electrolytic copper foil, titanium anode for aluminum foil

Titanium anode for mmo cathodic protection

Platinum series titanium anode

Platinum Titanium Mesh

Titanium anode for electrolysis of ionized water

Titanium anode for hydrogen machine, io water machine

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Tungsten Titanium Target
Depending on the purpose of use, there are different requirements for the impurity content of high-purity tungsten targets and tungsten-titanium targets. Generally, the chemical purity is required to be between 99.99% and 99.999%. We can also customize other specifications suitable for the application according to user requirements.
High purity titanium target
Purity: 4N-5N <br> Dimensions: diameter 50~400mm, thickness 3~28mm<br> Can be customized according to customer requirements
Titanium plate
National standard number: TA0, TA2, TA3, TA5, TA6, TA7, TA9, TA10, TB2, TC1, TC2, TC3, TC4<br> American label number: GR1, GR2, GR3, GR5, GR7, GR12<br> Russian label number: BT1-00, BT1-0, BT1-2, etc. <br>
Titanium-rhenium alloy
Rhenium and rhenium alloys can not only go into the sky, but also have special uses in deep submersibles. The alloy formed by titanium base and rhenium has high mechanical properties and can meet the use of large submersibles in the deep sea.<br> Therefore, titanium-rhenium alloy is one of the important materials for the compressive structural parts of the shell of high-performance deep submersibles in the future. The strategic nuclear submarine made of titanium-rhenium alloy has set the world record for deep diving of nuclear submarines, and its deep diving depth is 1,250 meters.<br> Main alloy grades: Ti-3Re, Ti-5Re
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