Date:2017-02-22 21:52

 MOCVD (Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition, a metal organic chemical vapor deposition ) technique , also known as OMVPE, MOVPE , are Rockwell 1968 by American companies to come to a single preparing a compound semiconductor thin film technology . The MOCVD method is to dilute the gas containing organic compound and the metal elements Ⅴ Ⅵ group or a hydride in the epitaxial substrate is heated to decompose and react with the reaction product after the epitaxial deposition on a substrate to form a an epitaxial thin film technology , the use of this technology can grow high-quality thin film nano-scale , precisely because of this feature makes MOCVD technology is widely applied to the production and manufacture of semiconductor devices in [ 1 ] . This technology has now become the III-V, II-VI compound semiconductor device quality multilayer structure grown the most flexible, lowest cost, most efficient technology , advances in semiconductor technology in recent decades as the driving force in the IT industry the rapid development, especially in new semiconductor optoelectronic devices and microwave devices , the rapid development and huge market demand MOCVD technology continues to progress , making a huge demand for MOCVD become essential core semiconductor manufacturing equipment, optoelectronics industry is the most promising special equipment . The device set precision machinery , semiconductor materials, vacuum electronics , fluid mechanics, optics, chemistry, computer and other subjects as a whole, is a high degree of automation , expensive, cutting-edge technology is highly integrated optoelectronic equipment [ 2 ] . MOCVD equipment has been widely used at present GaN ( gallium nitride ) based semiconductor material epitaxial growth and blue , green or ultraviolet light emitting diode chip , heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT), high electron mobility transistor (HFET), solar battery , FET (FET) and optical detectors and other semiconductor device manufacturing and research , we see MOCVD in the semiconductor industry has a pivotal position .
  Foreign research overview
  MOCVD equipment manufacturing technology has been mastered by few companies abroad , such as Germany, AIXTRON, England Thomas Swan and EMF, the U.S. Veeco, Japan Nishia, Nippon Sanso and NissinElectric etc., there are some companies in the production process uses its own unique MOCVD equipment .
MOCVD equipment Principle
  MOCVD equipment includes air system , heating system, the reaction chamber and the detection and control system has four parts. Gas system main transport gas source , the precise control of gas flow , the valve switching, and fast and accurate processing of the exhaust gas ; heating system mainly on the reaction of the substrate is heated to provide the desired reaction temperature , and to satisfy the heating uniform heating and cooling speed, temperature stability and shorter time requirement ; reaction chamber is a core part of the entire device , the reaction gas into the reaction chamber through the transport system after heating in the reaction chamber and the substrate surface gas-phase chemical reactions take place , respectively and surface chemical reactions , through diffusion , adsorption, desorption reaction of several complex steps uniformly on the substrate after the epitaxial growth of a homogeneous or heterogeneous crystal film ; detection and control system for the main line detection reaction chamber temperature field , film thickness and uniformity of the other parameters, and gas heating system and other parts of the control .
  MOCVD heating system has two functions, one is an organic source of loading the cylinder temperature water bath to provide temperature control , and the other is to provide epitaxial growth, the reaction chamber temperatures required in the reaction chamber, the temperature control device is the primary set of graphite the stages following the heating furnace, by varying the heating power of the furnace to adjust the temperature of the reaction chamber , in order to meet the needs of epitaxial growth . Heating system design is the core design of the heating furnace , MOCVD growth process equipment generally requires a heating temperature of about 1500 ℃ , then the heating furnace heating element at least need to be able to withstand temperatures above 2000 ℃ , we choose the heating element material must able to withstand such high temperatures , and in this high temperature materials to be very stable , so as to ensure the stability of the heating furnace for a long time . Currently applicable to this situation materials are rhenium , tungsten and tungsten- rhenium alloys of these types .
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