Application of high-purity metals and development

Date:2017-02-22 21:52

High purity molybdenum materials What is the application and development of high-purity molybdenum ?
  Purity of 99.99% (4N) and 99.999% (5N) pure molybdenum material , called high-purity molybdenum . The total high-purity molybdenum impurity elements is controlled accordingly 100 ppm ~ 10 ppm (10-4 ~ 10-5) between . And high-purity tungsten , like , for some special high-purity molybdenum content of impurity elements , such as radioactive elements , alkali metals , heavy metals and gaseous elements, etc. There were also special requirements . Mainly used as high-purity molybdenum target areas , it is generally required U + Th and alkali metal content is very low .
  High purity molybdenum main application areas in which ?
  Since high purity molybdenum materials experimental development late, it is impossible to talk about industrialization manufacture , its use is often a few years ago or powder metallurgical grade industrial grade molybdenum materials instead of ordinary . However, in recent years, the rapid progress of the semiconductor industry and high- precision electronic products rapidly upgrading , greatly contributed to the underlying material higher update requirements.
  And high-purity tungsten , like , high-purity molybdenum is mainly prepared pure metal or alloy target target by magnetron sputtering way to get to meet the requirements of the functional films . The working principle is sputtered particle bombardment target speed , the target surface of the metal atoms from the target, in the form of a thin film deposited on a glass or other substrate , forming a complex interconnection structure .
  Mammography relative to the normal , the high-purity molybdenum sputtering target because of its very small impurities , high chemical purity , which can form a higher -quality film material , is now widely used in manufacturing a thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-semiconductor industry LSI wiring materials ; solar industry new thin-film solar cells ; , and other high-tech materials. Semiconductor and other large integrated circuits for high purity metals , high purity molybdenum due to its very excellent performance in modern electronics, semiconductor , photovoltaic industry as the preferred high- quality materials.


  Molybdenum is also CWScheele discovered in 1778 , and tungsten , as also is rare refractory metals , tungsten and tantalum after melting .Molybdenum in the periodic table is Block D , Group 6 , 5th cycle elements. Molybdenum, silver appearance , its high melting point, low vapor pressure , better elongation properties than tungsten , ease pressure processing, can be processed into a thin foil and a very fine wire . Molybdenum tungsten hardness and lower than the ultimate strength , thermal expansion coefficient of the glass close to its main physical properties are as follows :



Atomic Number:


Atomic Weight:



10.2 g.cm-3

Melting Point:

2620 ℃

Boiling Point:

4650 ℃

  The main chemical properties
  Room temperature, the molybdenum is stable in air. When the temperature started to occur at 400 ℃, slightly oxidized, higher than 600 ℃, the rapid oxidation of molybdenum trioxide. At room temperature in hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid molybdenum is stable, but can be slowly dissolved in nitric acid, aqua regia and hydrogen peroxide can be quickly dissolved in a mixed solution of hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid. Molybdenum is mainly +6 valence, in addition to +2, +3, +4, +5 equivalent state compounds are mainly oxides, molybdic acid, molybdates.

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