Ultra Minor Metals Ltd (UMM) is fully committed to ultrahigh & special rare metals materials,especially high-purity refractory metals. With its Ultra Purity Refractory Metals Materials R&D Centre, UMM is specialized on the research and manufacture of the fine powder, products, alloys, composite material and target of ultrapure, high-quality refractory metals and dissipated metals, such as Re, W, Mo, and Ti, etc.


Oriented towards the goal of “ultimate purity, ultimate excellence”, with the front-edge technique of purification and plentiful hands-on experience in operation, UMM has constantly developed exclusive process and facilities to produce super-pure, super-fine serial products of Re, W, Mo which are highly interested by domestic and international customers and institutes. The chemical purity of products is up to 99.999% and the physical properties such as powder size can be customized to a desirable fine level. Recently UMM has successfully mastered the process and technology to produce rhenium powder with the purity of 99.99% to 99.999%, and the average particle size can be controlled within 1~2 µm. This technique not only fills the gap in China, but also played an important role in technological inno-vation in the field of rhenium development all over the world.


With the spirit of “Can-do and Can-be” for our customer services, UMM would like to serve a broad domain from aviation, aerospace, metallurgy, petrol-chemistry to military industry and provide reliable material solution in respects of high-temperature alloy, super alloy, catalyst, sputtering target and special electron electrode. Find high-quality, high-purity refractory metal material? Just in UMM